AJ Scherbring

Creative Director @ Mirum

Great stories need great characters. And AJ is certainly a character. With over a decade of experience in content creation and production, AJ helps to lead the content development team at Mirum. Merging expertise in broadcast with innovations in technology and online experiences, AJ has helped to transform regional, national and global brands with award winning and, more importantly, effective work. And with a brand portfolio including Nintendo, Alberto Culver, Burger King, Amtrak, UnitedHealth Group, H&R Block, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and General Mills and more, AJ has been able to impact brands, and tell powerful stories on a worldwide stage.

AJ brings his passion for storytelling to others as a post-secondary educator, with experience as adjunct faculty at both the Miami Ad School, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and guest speaker at the University of Minnesota. He also created, organized and led one of the most well-received and reviewed panels at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival on the topic of content, entitled “#nofilters: Pros and Cons of Constant Connection.”